Are Pigeons Doves? (MUST READ)

are pigeons doves

Pigeons are birds that you can always see in the streets of the city, especially in the city of New York, roaming around, and eating some leftover foods. But are they doves? If you want to know about it, you can read down below.

Are pigeons doves? No, pigeons are not doves, they are different from each other, based on their linguistic name. Pigeon’s name came its roots in French, while dove names came its roots from Nordic origin. But they are both together in the same species of birds called Columbidae.

People only perceive them and classify them based on their size, and sometimes also their color, if they are bigger it means they are pigeons, but if they are small and usually white, they are called doves.

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Are Doves and Pigeons the Same Thing?

Yes, doves and pigeons are in the same thing because they are in the same species of birds that belong to the family of Columbidae. That’s why they are the same thing.

Do Pigeons Come From Doves?

No, pigeons do not come from doves because they are from the same species of birds that are closely related to each other. That’s why you might think that they come from doves.

Are Pigeons the Same as Mourning Doves?

No, they might not be the same to each other because pigeons are big, and mourning doves are small. Also, their colors are different from each other, and the tail design is somewhat different.

Are Pigeons Smart?

Yes, pigeons are smart. In fact, they can recognize the 26 letters in the English alphabet. They can remember hundreds or large numbers of images for a long time. They can pass the mirror test in which they are tested, if they can recognize themselves in the mirror. Other things like photographs, they can also differentiate between them, and many more things that prove that they belong to the smartest birds out there.

Are Pigeons Good Pets?

Yes, pigeons are good for pets because they are very docile, affectionate, very intelligent animals or birds, and very low maintenance even though a lot of people say that they are very dirty or pests because they poop everywhere.

But before you keep them as pets, make sure they have the following below:

  • Pigeon Feed
  • Feeding bowl
  • Drinking bowl
  • Pigeon coop
  • Nesting material
  • Any other items that you need when keeping them like portable pigeon cages and vitamins

Are Doves or Pigeons Better Pets?

They are both good pets. But in my opinion, I think maybe doves are much better pets because doves are much smaller than pigeons. Which means if they are smaller, there is a possibility that they can eat less, so feeding them is not hard.

Final Thoughts

Now you understand that pigeons are not doves based on their linguistic name. So if someone asks you about this topic, you can definitely answer now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do doves turn into pigeons? No, doves don’t turn pigeons because they belong to the small breeds of the same species of birds called Columbidae.

Are white pigeon doves? Maybe not because white pigeons are classified as pigeons and not doves.

Are turtle doves pigeons? No, because turtle doves are classified as doves and not pigeons.

Are mourning doves pigeons? No, mourning doves are not pigeons because they are classified as doves.

Are wood pigeons doves? No, wood pigeons are not doves because they are classified as pigeons.

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