Best Diet for Goats

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I know you are a bit confused on what is the best diet for goats, so I decided to research it for you, so that you will know it. This research is based on some experts and experienced goat keepers. So, if you are interested in reading it, you can check it down below.

Here is the list of foods that goats need for their diet.

1. Hay

90-100% of their diet should be hay. Hay is very important because this is the main source of food for them, especially in winter if they can’t forage outside. That’s why it is very essential to provide them with an available supply of hay out there.

The main benefit of giving them hays is that they can provide nutrition, and dry roughage to balance the moisture and fiber in their rumen.

2. Forage

5-10% of their diet should be forage. Forage can help your goats enjoy the life being in the wild, eating weeds and grasses. We all know from the past, that goats love to do that, so that’s why it’s good idea to expose them also in the pasture.

3. Grain

0-10% of their diet should be grain. Grains are good for goats because it can provide some protein and vitamins for them, but it is not necessary to feed them. Goats can survive even if they don’t need to eat grain. Hays and foraging are just fine with them, but if your purpose is to provide them with some vitamins and proteins, it’s a good idea to feed them with grain.

But don’t forget that feeding grain to goats should be in limited amount only because too much of it, can have negative effects on their health also.

The most recommended feeding of grains to them is no more than 1 cup per day.

4. Minerals

1-2% of their diet should be minerals. Minerals are also very important to them because they can also provide some benefits to their health. But feeding them with minerals is a free choice if you want to feed them or not.

Here are some examples of minerals that goats need for their diet: calcium, phosphorus, and salt.

5. Treats

Treats are foods that goats don’t need to eat on a daily basis. They are the foods given to them as a sign of love to them. Here are some examples of treats that are given to them: fresh carrots, fresh lettuce, fresh bananas, fresh watermelon, and fresh spinach.

But don’t forget that feeding treats to the goats should be in limited amount only because too much of it, can have harmful effects on them also.

6. Water

Water is also very important for goats because this can help them in digesting their own food, and to help them resist the heat of sunlight.

That’s why you need to make sure that your goats have access to a lot of clean and fresh water out there 24/7.

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