Can Goats and Chickens Live Together?

goats and chickens

Is it possible for goats and chickens to live together in the same place? So, in this article we talked about it.

Can goats and chickens live together? Goats and chickens can live together, but they need to have a separate area for eating their food and for sleeping. This is very important if you want to keep them together in the same place.

Let’s explore more information about it.

Guide for Raising Goats and Chickens Together

We all know that goats and chickens can be best friends on the farm. But there are things that we need to understand before we can raise them both in the same place. These things shall be discussed below.

Here are the things that we need to understand before we can raise goats and chickens in the same place:

1. Separated Food Area

We all know that goats and chickens love to eat each other’s food during eating time. So, the best way to prevent them eating each other’s food is to provide them a separate food area for both of them.

Separated food areas can help goats and chickens to eat their food well and also can help them avoid bumping into each other during eating time.

2. Separated Sleeping Area

Goats and chickens have different attitudes towards sleeping. So, the best way is to provide them with a separate sleeping area for both of them that they like to sleep in order to help them relax at night.

3. Enclosure

Goats and chickens are known to be escape artists when they try to find food somewhere. So, the best way to prevent them is to provide them enclosure.

Enclosure ensures that goats and chickens cannot escape.

Advantages of Raising Goats and Chickens Together

Fewer Bugs and Worms in the Area

Chickens can help reduce bugs and worm population in the area where they live with goats. This is because chickens love to eat them. We all know that chickens are omnivore animals.

Omnivore animals are known to eat other animals besides eating plants. That’s the reason why they also love to eat bugs and worms.

Fewer Weeds

Goats can help remove invasive weeds from the area where the chickens also live. This is because goats love to eat plants.

The reason why they love to eat plants is that they are browser animals. Browser animals are known to eat plants such as weeds.


Goats and chickens that live together in the same place can create strong bonding in each other. This bonding can help them establish friendship.

Friendship is very important for them to avoid fighting with each other when they are in the same place.

Disadvantages of Raising Goats and Chickens Together

Messy Place

Goats and chickens like to poop everywhere. This is the main reason why the place is so messy.

So, in order to avoid the place from being messy. You should always clean their place.


Transferred diseases are the most common disease goats and chickens get when they live together in the same place. So, in order to reduce the risk of a transferred disease for goats and chickens, the best way you can do is to clean their place and to clean them with water.

Final Thoughts

Goats and chickens can definitely live with each other in the same place as long as they have a separate area for eating their food and for sleeping.

If you like to raise goats and chickens together, you need to do this, in this way, in order to have a good flow of maintaining them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will goats protect chickens? Goats can’t protect chickens because they also belong to prey animals. However, due to its large size compared to chickens, they can possibly protect chickens from animals like squirrels and mice.

Do goats attack chickens? Goats can possibly attack chickens. If chickens accidentally block their way when they are moving. The most common attack of goats towards chickens is by stepping on them or being kicked.

Can chicken feed kill goats? No, chicken feed can’t kill goats. It can only temporarily affect the health condition of the goats.

What if a goat eats chicken feed? Usually, when goats eat chicken feed, they frequently suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating.

How do I stop my goats from eating my chicken feed? You can stop them by keeping away the chicken feeds to them. The most common method is to hide the chicken feed in the container so that they can’t see it.

Will goats eat chicken eggs? Goats will eat eggs if the eggs are accidentally broken into pieces. So, in order to prevent the goats from eating the eggs of your chicken, you need to have a safe area for the eggs of the chickens.

Is chicken poop bad for goats? Chicken poop is absolutely bad for goats, because it contains bad bacteria that can affect their health condition.

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