Can Goats and Cows Live Together?

goats and cows

Are you planning to keep goats and cows together? Goats and cows are very easy to keep. Let’s talk about it now.

Can goats and cows live together? Goats and cows can live together happily as long as their needs are met such as food, shelter and health care. Don’t worry if they are fighting each other in the same place, because in the long run, they will be friends also.

Let’s take a closer look for additional information.

Guide for Keeping Goats and Cows Together

Although goats and cows are very easy to keep. Don’t forget the most common things you need to do in order to keep them together.

Here are the things:


Food is very important for both goats and cows. It is the main source of their energy for everyday living in their place. So, you need to make sure that their food is always available for them.

The most common foods they eat are hay, grass, weeds and fruits. Also, don’t forget to give them water because water can help them survive from sunlight.


Houses are also very important for them because this is the place where they can sleep at night, protecting themselves from storms, rain, sunlight and predators.


Fence is also very important to prevent goats and cows from escaping and also to protect them from predators like coyotes and wolves.

Health Care

Diseases are common to goats and cows. That’s why you need to provide them with good health care services. This is the only way to help them survive the diseases.

Pros of Keeping Goats and Cows Together

Save Space on the Farm

When you keep them together in the same place, you can minimize the use of land area on your farm. This is good for you because you will have many opportunities that you can do to your farm. Just like vegetable garden and flower garden.

They Both Eat Hay

This is good for you because if they both eat hay, the feeding will be easy. So, you will not get stressed thinking of other feeds to give.

Cons of Keeping Goats and Cows Together

Dirty Place

When keeping too many animals in the same place. There is the possibility that they will have too much poop scattered in the area. That’s the reason why the place will get dirty.


Even though they are peaceful right now. They can sometimes bully each other and can fall to fight and get injuries. This is the reason why they will get injuries.


Even though they do not share the same parasites. Goats and cows can share similar diseases such as anthrax, mastitis, coccidiosis, and blue-tongue disease that could be bad for them.

Can Goats and Cows Pasture Together?

Goats and cows can pasture together because they are herbivore animals. We all know that herbivore animals like to eat plants such as weeds and grass.

Can Goats and Cows Eat the Same Feed?

Goats and cows can eat the same feed just like hay. Hay is their main food that’s why they can both eat the same feed.

Can you House Goats and Cows Together?

Goats and cows can be housed together because they are friends, but many experts recommend that you need to separate them from each other in order to help them to relax well with their own animal family.

How to Introduce Goats and Cows to Each Other

The best way to introduce them to each other is when they are still young because young animals are more friendly than adult counterparts. But if you would like to introduce them to each other when they are adults. These tips can help you:

The first thing you need to do is to quarantine the new goats and new cows on each other with a separate pen, but the separate pen must be nearby so that they see both of them.

After you finish doing it. Just wait 2-3 weeks to help them be comfortable with each other, and then you can place them both in the same place so that they can pasture together and live together.

Final Thoughts

Goats and cows can live together peacefully. Just make sure that their needs are met such as food, housing, and health care.

Related Questions:

What do goats and cows have in common? Goats and cows have something in common about their eating habits and their uses. Examples of their eating habits are they both eat hay, small plants, and weeds and for their uses they both can be used for milking, meat and for leather.

Which milk is better: goat or cow? Goat milk is slightly better than cow milk because the goat milk nutrients are easy to digest in the body. Based on my research.

Can goats and cows live together in the same pen? They can live together in the same pen as long as the pen is too big for them that they roam and eat some fresh plants on the ground.

Can cows and goats breed? Cows and goats can’t be bred together because they are different types of animals.

Can mini cows and goats live together? Just like regular cows and goats, mini cows and goats can also live together as long as their needs are met.

What animals can live with goats? The animals that can live with goats are cows, sheep, horses, chickens, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, dogs and cats.

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