Can Goats and Geese Live Together?

goats and geese

Goats and geese are two of the most common animals that farmers raise for their livelihood. But the question is, can they live together in the same place? So, in this article we will find out if they can live or not.

Can goats and geese live together? Goats and geese can live together in the same place as long as you take caution about things like feeds, water, and space for their living.

Now that you understand that goats and geese can live together in the same place. Let’s explore more information about this topic.

Guide for Raising Goats and Geese Together

Raising goats and geese is a new challenge for new animal raisers and farmers just like you who want to raise them also. So, I will give you advice on what things you need in order to raise them together.

Here are the things you need:


Food is very important for goats and geese because food is the source of life for animal living. So, that’s why you need to make sure that their food is available for them every day.


Shelter is another important thing because this is the place where they can hide from sunlight, storms, rains and predators. Also, this is the place where they sleep at night.


Geese love to swim and this is part of their life in the wild, so it is very important that you make them a pond in the place where they live with goats so that they will not escape.


Even though the fence is not even effective when preventing geese from escaping. But the fence is very important when you want to protect your animals from predators.

Health Care

Goats and geese are also prone to some diseases. Therefore, it is very important that you provide them with health care services so that they will be cured and become healthy.

Pros of Raising Goats and Geese Together

Save Space on the Farm

Keeping them together in the same place can help you minimize the use of your lot on your farm. This is good for you because you will have many opportunities that you can do to your farm such as vegetable garden and fruit orchard.

Fewer Insects and Bugs

Goats can’t remove insects and bugs in the area but with the help of geese, insects and bugs will be removed because geese love to eat them. We all know that geese are omnivore animals. Omnivore animals love to eat other animals besides from eating plants.

Fewer Weeds and Grass

Goats and geese combinations can help remove invasive weeds and invasive grass from the area. This is good for you because you can save time and energy from removing them.


Both animals love to be with each other. It means that they don’t fight unless there is a limited supply of food and space out there.

Cons of Raising Goats and Geese Together

Contaminated Water

The biggest issue when you raise goats and geese together in the same place is the water. Geese love to contaminate the water with their dirty feet and dirty bodies because they always love to swim. For this reason, the goats will have no clean water to drink.


Even though it is rare to see them fighting. Young goats that are hyperactive can sometimes injure geese because they love to bully other animals. So, this might be the reason that there will be injuries when keeping together.

Dirty Place

When there are many animals in the area, there’s always a possibility that the place will have many poops. So, this is bad for you because the place will get dirty.


Although goats and geese are different animals. There is always a possibility that they can share some diseases. For example: salmonella.

Goats Like to Eat Geese Feed

Goats should not eat geese feed because if they eat them, they will get malnourished or have a bloated stomach. So, in order to avoid this situation, to happen, you must ensure that their feeding area in the place is too far from each other during feeding time.

Final Thoughts

Goats and geese can definitely live with each other as long as proper methods are followed and their needs are met such as food, shelter, and health care.

Related Questions:

Can geese kill ducks? Geese can possibly kill ducks, especially the baby ones. We all know that geese sometimes are known to be aggressive towards other birds.

Can goose live with chickens? Goose can live with chickens. There are no issues about them, especially when they grow up together when they were still young.

Do geese need a coop? Geese also need a coop just like other birds that are raised by animal raisers and farmers.

Where do geese sleep at night? The most common sleeping areas of the geese at night are besides the water, but they can also sleep elsewhere.

Can a goose live alone? Goose can live alone, but they prefer to be with their flocks. Being a member of a flock can provide them happiness.

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