Can Horses Eat Timothy Hay? (MUST READ)

can horses eat timothy hay

Do you want to know if horses can eat timothy hay? If you answered yes, let’s talk about it down below.

Can horses eat timothy hay? Yes, horses can eat timothy hay. In fact, they are one of the most digestible hay that they can eat out there besides alfalfa hay.

The reason why they are one of the most digestible hay for horses to eat is because they are rich in fiber.

So if you’re planning to give your horses some timothy hay out there, you can definitely do so.

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Is Alfalfa or Timothy Hay Better for Horses?

I think alfalfa hay is better hay for horses. That’s because alfalfa hay is a great source of high protein for horses which helps them grow faster compared to timothy that contains much lesser protein content.

Benefits of Timothy Hay for Horses

  • Food – they can be served as food for horses daily besides alfalfa hay out there.
  • Nutritional Elements – they can provide nutritional elements to the body of horses out there in order to be healthy. Examples of nutritional elements that they can get are fiber, protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, iron, and zinc.

Can Foals Eat Timothy Hay?

Yes, foals can eat timothy hay, just like their mother horses eating it. That’s because timothy hay is safe and digestible for them to eat, just like alfalfa hay. But I think foals can only eat them in small amounts, only because their body is much smaller than their mother horses out there.

Final Thoughts

Timothy Hay is a safe hay for horses to eat. So, if you want to feed them with it, you can definitely do so.

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