Do Horses Eat Sugar Cubes? (MUST READ)

do horses eat sugar cubes

Sugar cubes? The one that we put in our sweet drinks? Can horses eat them? If you want to know about it, you can read down below.

Can horses eat sugar cubes? Yes, you can feed sugar cubes to your horses as long as they are given as a treat only or in moderation because too much sugar can lead to laminitis and metabolic syndrome for them.

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Benefits of Sugar Cubes for Horses

  • Food – they can have some kind of food that they can eat out there even though they are not as healthy as other foods that they usually eat like grass out there.
  • Energy Source – sugar content in sugar cubes breakdowns and produces glucose. Then the glucose is released into their bloodstreams and fuels their body out there.

How Many Sugar Cubes Can You Give a Horse?

For healthy horses, it’s probably in the range of 2-5 sugar cubes in a day if you want to give them with it. This range will help them to stay active on the day you give them.

But if your horses are overweight, it is not advisable to give them with it, because they can cause additional weight gain for them which is bad for their health out there.

Where Can You Buy Sugar Cubes for Horses?

Grocery Stores

There are plenty of grocery stores out there that sell sugar cubes. The thing you need to do is just go out of your house, and find it. If you find it in the grocery stores that sell sugar cubes, make sure that its ingredient is granulated sugar.


If you cannot find sugar cubes from grocery stores. You can also find it online. There are many people who also sell sugar cubes. So you can definitely buy to them if you want.

Final Thoughts

Sugar cubes are safe for horses to eat as long as they eat them in small amounts only or in moderation. But even though they are safe for them to eat, you should not overfeed them because they can also have side effects on their health for eating too much of it.

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