Goat Wools: How Much is the Price of Goat Mohairs?


What is exactly the price you can get if you sell your goat mohairs? I’m also a goat lover that has an interest about goats. So decided to research and collect all of this information into one place.

How much is the price if you sell your goat mohairs? The average price of goat mohairs per one pound in the commercial market can sell for up to $7.88 and each year the price increases. Selling large amount of goat mohairs can earn you a large amount of money.

If you are interested to learn more about goat mohair. I have useful information to share with you down below.

Mohair Characteristics

Mohair is very similar to sheep wool. The difference of mohair is the softness. Mohair has a smoother surface, very thin and super smooth scale. Also, it is very elastic, durable and non-flammable material.

4 Main Uses of Mohair

1. Manufacturing of Clothes

Mohair is a very soft material to use and durable. This is why many garment manufacturers take advantage of this material. The most popular item they create are hats, scarves, sweaters, gloves, coats and a lot more. These items are very attractive and super comfortable to wear.

Also, Mohair is one of the best material to use to make a winter coat or jacket because of its excellent insulating properties that protects you from cold. That’s why many people want to buy a winter coat or jacket that has mohair material properties during the winter. In, short this material is proven to protect you from winter.

2. Home Furnishings

The main reason why the mohair is used to make home furnishings is because of its softness and fluffiness. The softness and fluffiness of the mohair are one of the best material to make carpets, mattresses, blankets, sofas and a lot more.

Many girls love these type of items with mohair material properties because of the ambiance it can bring into their home. Also, girls love to buy this item for decoration of their home to look attractive and wonderful. In short, it is one the best material in making home furnishings.

3. Fur Items

The main reason why mohairs are often used to make fur items is because of their very soft and fluffy textures. Mohairs are great to make fur costumes. You can see this fur costume often used by babies and kids. They look so super cute when they wear this fur item. Sometimes I see their mothers looking so happy. They love to watch their kids and babies wearing this fur item.

4. Doll Wigs

The main reason why mohairs are used as doll wigs is because of shiny and softness just like human hairs. They often use it on high end dolls to make its hair looks real.

List of Goat Breeds for Mohair Production

1. Angora Goat

These goats originated from Asia Minor now called a turkey. Angora goats are one of the best productive fiber animal producers in the world. Each Goat can can yield an average of 5 up to 10 pounds of mohair per shearing. Usually goat keepers sheared their angora goats twice a year. The purpose they shear their goats twice a year is to earn more money.

The average weight of angora goats can range from 75 pounds for adult does and 180 pounds for the adult bucks. About their average height they can reach about 36 inches tall. Angora goats are very friendly and obedient.This attitude helps goat keepers to train these goats faster.

2. Pygora Goat

These goats were developed and registered by Katharine Jorgensen in Oregon. Katharine Jorgensen wanted to have a small size goat that can produce fine fiber for hand spinning. Pygora is the cross breed of angora goat and pygmy goat. All first generation of Pygora and Angora goats can’t be considered Pygora goats. They may continue their breed as long as they have no more than 75% from any of of its parent breeds. Each goat can yield an average of 2 pounds of mohair per shearing.

You can use these goats as an alternative if you don’t have Angora goats to keep in your small farm. The average weight of Pygora goats for adult does can range around 80-120 pounds and for adult bucks can range around 75- 140 pound. About their average height they can range about 23 inches tall.

3. Nigora Goat

These goats were developed by crossbreeding white angora does and Nigerian bucks. Nigora goats are dual-purpose goat breeds. They raised for fiber and milk production. Sometimes they also very good to keep as pets. You can use this as an alternative when you don’t have Angora or Pygora Goats to keep in your small farm. Each goat can yield an average of 2 pounds of mohair per shearing.

Nigora goats are small to medium size goat breeds. The average weight of nigora goats can range around 85 pounds for adult does and adult bucks can range about 180 pounds. About their average height they can range about 19 to 29 inches tall.

Usually they are easy to train, maintain and handle. Also, they are well-known to have good behavior. That’s why they sometimes kept as pets.

How to Prepare Your Goats for Shearing

Before you start shearing your goats make sure that you clean your pens properly. Then, make sure your goats are dry. If the weather is raining, make sure you keep them in their shelter, for 24 hours before you start. The last thing you need to do is to prepare all the things you need for shearing.

How to Shear Your Goat

  1. Catch your Goat.
  2. Bring the goat to the grooming stand.
  3. Use your blow dryer to blow away any hay or any dirt on your goat’s body to remove the debris. Make sure you adjust your blow dryer on high speed.
  4. Shear the goat’s belly.
  5. Shear each side.
  6. Shear each back leg.
  7. Shear the neck.
  8. Shear the top back.
  9. After you shear, just remove any excess hair you missed when shearing using your scissors.
  10. Release the goat.
  11. Check the Fiber and Segregate the fleece
  12. Sweep the area for the next goat to be sheared

Take Note: Always make sure you put important details on your segregated fleece bags.

Where to Sell Mohair?

There are many ways you can sell your mohairs. You can sell your mohairs in your local market that needs mohairs, you can sell it online, you can join through animal fiber guilds and participate in fiber shows to sell and maybe you can sell direct to companies that produces mohair fabrics.

The best way to sell if you don’t have a large amount of mohair is to sell it on the internet. The most popular way to sell is through Etsy website. This e-commerce website where focused on craft supplies. Sometimes other people sell their mohairs through Facebook.

If you have a large amount of mohair supply you can contact bigger companies that produces mohair yarn and fabrics because they have the purchasing power to buy all your mohairs on hand. The downside when you sell your mohair supply to them. They will buy them will lower prices or maybe have discounts on the price you offer to them. It is the best method to sell your mohair supply if you want to be part of the mohair production supply industry.

Why Mohair is so Expensive?

Mohairs are very valuable material to use in making wonderful items. It is very soft, fluffy, shiny, durable and other factors make this material a good candidate to be used. So, many people take advantage of this material in making clothes, crafts, fur items and much more.

The main reason why mohairs are very expensive is because of its good quality. They are old saying that if the materials have a quality. There is always a better price tag to put on that item. In short, there is always price in that material.

Another thing that can affect the price are the expenses involved in the production process like the cost of labor, equipment use, keeping the goats and a lot more factors in production that can affect the price of mohair.

Other factors that affect the price of mohair are the producers. Based on my research, mohair production is much more lesser than other animal that produces wool each year. When we talk about business if there is a low supply of material the price goes up. As a result, the price of mohair goes up.

Related Questions:

Is mohair soft or itchy? Mohair fiber is very soft just like silk. It is good for people with sensitive skin and its not itchy than a standard sheep wool that sometimes makes you feel itchy.

Is mohair warmer than wool? Mohair is little more warmer from any kind of animal fibers, even it was used to make light-weight clothings. Its fiber has unique properties than any wool producing animals.

Are goats killed for mohair? Goats are killed only when they reach their lifespan age of 10 years old because they are longer useful in the wool industry. They often, sometimes sheared one last time before they sold for meat.

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