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Are you confused how you can sell your goats? Do you have some idea? If you want to learn how to sell your goats. In this article, I share with you what I learn in my research and help you solve your problem.

How can I sell my own goats? There are many ways you can sell your goats. You can sell them in sales barns, public livestocks, stockyards, farm website and you can also promote your goats using Facebook, craigslist, flyers and sometimes in local newspapers to get a potential buyer.

If you are interested to learn more. You can definitely read the information down below.

List of Methods to Market Your Goats

1. Sell in Sales barn

Sales barns (also called livestock auction) are the place where you can sell your animals at auction. You can see many people here wants to buy animals. The place for livestock producers and potential buyers.

If you are a farmer and you have goats, this is a great place to sell. The reason why many people sell their goats in the sale barns is to sell their livestock at a better price. Also, they want to be socialized with other goat keepers and livestock producers.

2. Sell at Public Livestock

Public livestocks are the place where people buy and sell their livestock on the public place. These are the most common place to buy and sell livestock animals. Discuss the price of their livestock to be sold to the buyers. If you are a goat keeper, this is another way you can sell your goats. Also, many goat enthusiasts love to buy here because it is very convenient place where you can choose what goats are available and take away to your farm.

3. Sell in Stockyard

Stockyard is the temporary housing where many livestock animals are kept to be sold to the public. These livestock animals are temporary kept until they will be slaughtered for their meat, for market and ship elsewhere.

You can possibly sell your goats here. The main advantage when you sell your goats here is to be able get protected by the packers and stockyard act. Also, you get prompt payment for selling your goats.

4. Using Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. They have an 2.74 billion monthly active users. Using Facebook for marketing your livestock animals can help you find potential buyers. For this reason, I think it will be your first bet to advertise your goats because Facebook have a huge amount of people.

Usually, there many different ways you can advertise your goats through Facebook. You can advertise your goats through your profile account, create a Facebook page to advertise your goats and join Facebook groups looking for livestock animals.

5. Sell on Farm Website

Selling your goats through farm website are very good options to increase the probability that you can sell your goats. Always keep a page with available goats with description is a very good way to attract buyers. Also, make sure you put your contact details because that is very important.

6. Advertise in Local Newspaper for Potential Buyers

Local newspapers are all about the local news, weather forecast, obituaries, classified ads and a lot more. Advertising in local newspaper is the old way to advertise products and services. It is used by the older generation. I don’t think it will work if you advertise your goats here to get potential buyers because it is obsolete way to promote your goats. In today’s generation, digital is the best way to promote something.

7. Flyers Distribution

Flyer distribution is one of the oldest ways to market your products or services. It is a form paper advertisement that intended for a large number of people to get a potential customer. The way it works is by posting flyers to the public place, giving people in the street with flyers and sometimes sent the flyers through house mails. I don’t think it will work to use flyer distribution to market your goats, but sometimes it works. Just make sure that you put your name and contact details in your flyer because that is very important.

8. Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth is about passing information from one person to another. This method is proven to work. Based on statistics about marketing, many business companies earn more twice of their sales because of word of mouth recommendations.

If you want to sell your goats, you can do this to your friends, neighbors, family, relatives and people you know that you are selling your goats. Then, they can help you market your goats to other people that they know.

9. Using Craigslist

Craigslist is a classified advertisement website that you can find almost anything like jobs, housing, garage sales, used cars and a lot more. This is another option but I don’t think it is good to use to market your goats.

Is Their Market for Goats?

The market for goats in the United States is in very good condition. Goats consumption is increasing each year. According to the USDA there are total 2.09 million of goats were slaughtered for meat in 2020 and increased by 2 percent from 2019 statistics.

In this situation, the goats demand increases. As a result, many goat keepers can’t keep up with the large demand of goats that they need to supply to the market.

Preparing Your Goats For Sale

1. Give Enough Foods

Make sure you give your goats enough foods like hays, pasture, grains and much more. Also, don’t forget to give your goats enough water to drink to avoid your goats being dehydrated. These foods can make your goats healthy before you sell them. Besides, to becoming healthy goats, they may also gain weight.

2. Goat Health

Make sure your goats are not sick. If your goats are sick. Please consult a veterinary doctor to know the diseases of your goats to be able to cure its diseases before you sell them. It is a bad idea to sell your goats when they are sick.

Most often, goat buyers are very careful about buying goats. Their main concern is the health of the goats. This most important factor that affects their decisions if they want the goats or not.

3. Plan Where You Will Sell Your Goats

Before you sell your goats. You first need a plan where you can sell them. It is better to have planned than no plan at all. Think what method is the best for you to be able sell your goats for a better price. Also, keep in mind the expenses you will use to sell your goats.

How to Establish the Price of Your Goats?

There are many factors that you need to consider before you decide what price will you charge on your goats. So, I share with you the list of factors that can affect the price of your goats that I know down below.

  • First, consider the average market price of your goats. This will help you determine the baseline price for your goats.
  • The quality of your goats is another factor to determine their price.
  • The weight of your goats is also important to determine the price.

What Breed of Goats Are Best to Sell?

There are two types of goats that are best for selling. It can be meat goats or dairy goats. It is not recommended to sell goats that are smaller breeds because these goats are bought with lower prices. Let’s now talk about the two types of goats. First, we will talk about meat goats. About meat goats the best breed to sell is Boer goat.

The mature bucks of Boer goat can weight between 240 and 300 pounds while the mature does of Boer goats can weight around 200 to 225 pounds. This meat goat is the best to be sold because of its weight and its meat is the preferred choice in the market.

Next, We will talk about dairy goats. The best dairy goat to sell are Saanen goats because these goats are very good producer of high quality milk. In fact, these goats are the most usual goats use in milk production.

Related Questions:

When should I sell my meat goats? They most frequently sold at the age of 6 to 9 months and have a weight of 48 to 60 pounds. At this age, this is the best time for these goats to be slaughtered for meat and sell to the market.

What age to sell goats? The most often sold goats are between the age of 3 to 5 months weighting around 25 to 50 pounds. These goats are sold because their meat is much tender, juicy and flavor.

What age can you sell baby goats? Baby Goats can sold at the ripe age of 10 to 12 weeks old. These baby goats can weight around 30 pounds and they can now able to eat food like hay, pasture and a lot more.

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