Golden Guernsey Goat: Characteristics, Facts & Breed Info

golden guernsey goat

The Golden Guernsey goat is a rare breed of goat that can be found on Guernsey island, located in the English Channel. These goats are usually used for their milk because these goats are also good at it.

You can identify these goats through their golden colors, that can vary from a pale blonde to deep bronze with a medium body that looks wedge-shaped. Keep reading to learn more about them.


The first documented reference to the history of the Golden Guernsey goat is in the guide book that was published in 1826 that has the title name “golden goat”. This reference tells where the Golden Guernsey goats came from. But in this article, I will only share to you, how they survived in world war 2, and other information about them.

During world war 2 when Guernsey island was occupied by the Germans. Miriam Milbourne risked her life to save a small herd of Golden Guernsey goats by the process of hiding them for several years until the Germans left the island.

During this period the Golden Guernsey goat breed was preserved, before some of these goats were exported to Great Britain in the year 1965, in order to know about these goats, and to breed them, at that time.

Through the years of developing them, and increasing their population. Great Britain built a club called “English Golden Guernsey Club”, that they later changed the name to “Golden Guernsey Goat Society”, that their mission is to help their population to grow, and to preserve their existence.


Golden Guernsey goats originated on Guernsey Island, where they are usually used for milk production.

Golden Guernsey Goat Characteristics

  • They are medium-sized goats.
  • Their size is much smaller compared to the other British goats.
  • Their colors are usually golden, that can vary from a pale blonde to deep bronze.
  • Their bucks sometimes have horns, but most of their population is not horned.
  • Their bodies are not too muscular compared to the other goats, with ears that are large, and slightly raised upward.
  • They also have a great variety of coat length in their bodies.
  • The average height of their adult bucks is around 28 inches, while for their adult does they around 26 inches.
  • The average weight of their adult bucks is around 150 pounds, while for their adult does they around 120 pounds.
  • They are also good for producing milk.
  • They can adapt to different types of climates and environments.
  • Their temperament is usually docile, obedient, affectionate and friendly, which makes them a good candidate to keep as pets.


  • They can be domesticated.
  • They originated in Guernsey Island.
  • They are a rare breed of goats.
  • They are good with other prey animals.
  • They are raised for milk production.
  • Their average milk production per day is around 2-3 liters of milk.
  • Their milk fat content is 3.72%.
  • About their milk tastes, they taste fresh with a mild flavor.
  • Their gestation period is 150 days.
  • Their lifespan is 8-12 years.

Pros and Cons


  • They are easy to handle.
  • Their milk fat content is high, which is good for cheese making.
  • They only need a small amount of food, and living space in order for them to live.
  • They can adapt to different types of climates and environments.
  • They have good mothering skills.


  • They have a small population.
  • They are not good for meat production.
  • They have a short lifespan.


Golden Guernsey goats are dairy goat breeds. Which means that, they are usually used for milk production.

Breed Profile Information

Breed NameGolden Guernsey Goat
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMilk Production
UsesMilk, Meat, and Pets
HeightAdult Bucks 28 inches, Adult Does 26 inches
WeightAdult Bucks 150 pounds, Adult Does 120 pounds
HornsBucks Can Sometimes Have Horns, But The Most Common to Their Population is They Don’t Have Horns
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
ColorsGolden Colors That Can Range From The Shade of Pale Blonde to Deep Bronze
Life Expectancy8-12 years
TemperamentDocile, Obedient, Affectionate, and Friendly
Good for Stall FedYes
Milk Production Per Day2-3 liters/day
Milk Fat Content3.72%
Country/Place of OriginGuernsey Island

Final Thoughts

Golden Guernsey goats are medium-sized rare goats that are good for milk production. Keeping them is not too hard because of their good behavior. But buying them is kind of a challenging task for you because these goats have only a small population. So, you need to prepare for your time and effort, in order to find them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Golden Guernsey goats used for? Golden Guernsey goats are usually used for their milk. This is where they are good at. But sometimes there are some people who also use them for their meat even though their body is so small compared to other goat breeds out there, that are usually used for meat production.

How big do Golden Guernsey goats get? Golden Guernsey goats can get around 26-28 inches in height, with a weight around 120-150 pounds.

What do Golden Guernsey goats eat? Golden Guernsey goats usually eat hays, plants, leaves, grasses, grains, weeds, and shrubs.

How much milk does a Golden Guernsey goat produce? Around 2-3 liters of milk per day.

How long do Golden Guernsey goats live? 8-12 years.

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