How to Clean Pigs (The Complete Guide)


Are your pigs dirty right now and do you want to clean them? If you answered yes. Let’s talk about it right now.

How to clean pigs? Before you clean them, make sure you have a water hose or maybe a pail of water with a plastic water ladle, shampoo, and brush. Also, if you have any items, just like hoof trimmers. It is also good because you can clean a specific part of their body.

First put some water on their body. Wash them to remove the dirt or any organic materials out there. Other people recommend that water is at the right temperature, which means not hot or cold.

But it’s okay, you can only use normal water. Then, put some shampoo or any alternatives on their body and scrub them using your brush. Repeat this method until you completely clean them.

So now you learn how to clean them. I have some additional information that I will share with you down below.

Do Pigs Need to be Washed?

Yes, pigs need to be washed in order to reduce the chances of getting diseases, to improve their health, and to increase their growth.

How to Clean a Pig Pen

If you are cleaning a pig pen, you need to make sure you have a pressure washer, detergents, and disinfectant. This is the basic way to clean them.

First, use the pressure washer to remove the dirt and organic materials out there (hot water is preferable). Then, apply detergents when you are cleaning. After that, when it is now dry, apply disinfectant.

How Often to Clean a Pig Pen

It depends on the situation on how dirty the pig pen is. Maybe 5-10 days to maintain the cleanliness of the pig pen.

Importance of Cleaning Pig Pens

Yes, it is important that you clean pig pens because it will help to prevent or control diseases in the pigs, helps them become healthy and stronger. Also, it will help them grow faster.

What Kind of Soap Do I Use to Wash a Pig?

The kind of soap or shampoo you need to use to wash a pig is pig shampoo. This soap or shampoo is designed for them to remove dirt and bacteria in their body.

Final Thoughts

Pigs are animals that love to go in the mud or be dirty. That’s why it is very important that you clean them to prevent them from getting diseases.

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