How to Sale Pigs (The Complete Beginner’s Guide)

selling pig

Do you want to sell your pigs? And do you want to know how to sell them? If you answered yes. So, let’s talk about it right now.

How to sell them? There are a lot of ways you can sell them. You can sell them in public markets, this may be terminal or auction. Direct markets, which means producers negotiate the sale of their own pigs, and plant delivery, which means it was delivered directly to the packing plant by producers.

Also, you can join in group marketing to sell you pigs if you want. These are groups of people collaborating to sell their own pigs in large amounts or numbers.

So, know you understand how to sell or market them. I will share some information with you down below. Continue Reading.

When Should I Sell My Pigs?

It depends on you if you want to sell them or not. But frequently, breeders of pigs sell them, when they weigh around 50-60 pounds. This weight can be achieved when they are 10-12 weeks old.

How Do You Price a Pig?

The average pricing of a live weight pig can go around $2 per pound, it can go up or down the pricing, so if you have a 50 pounds weight pig, you can expect a payout maybe $100 for your pig.

Where to Sell Pigs for Slaughter?

There are 4 different ways you can sell your pigs for slaughter. You can sell them in terminals, auctions, direct markets or in plant delivery.

Final Thoughts

Selling pigs is kind of an easy task for a lot of people. But if you are just new to this industry. This guide may help you.

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