Kalahari Red Goat: Characteristics, Facts & Breed Info

kalahari red goat

The Kalahari Red goat is a large-sized breed of goat originating from South Africa. Their name is derived from the desert name Kalahari and from the coat that they have, that is colored red. These goats are normally used for meat production because these goats are also a meat-type breed of goat just like Boer goats and Savanna goats. Keep reading to learn more about them.


Kalahari Red goats originated in South Africa, where they are normally used for meat production.

Kalahari Red Characteristics

  • They are large-sized goats.
  • They are beautiful goats.
  • They look similar to Boer goats.
  • Their coat colors are red. White or light shades of red are not desirable because they don’t provide better camouflage against predators in their native pastures.
  • They have smooth short hair coats.
  • They have long floppy ears.
  • They have moderate-sized sloping horns, above their ears.
  • They have loose skin in their neck area.
  • Their frames are just like Boer goats.
  • They have a long, deep body with a medium to large-sized frame.
  • Their legs are strong.
  • Their does have a full and properly attached udders and teats.
  • Their red pigmentation can help them withstand the heat of sunlight and have a naturally built to resist diseases.
  • The average height of their adult bucks and adult does is around 30 inches.
  • The average weight of their adult bucks is around 250 pounds, while for their adult does they are around 165 pounds.
  • They can be used as a good crossbred for increasing hardiness and carcass size.
  • They also have a strong herding instinct for protection as well.
  • They can adapt to different types of climates and environments.
  • Their temperament is usually calm, gentle, and good mothers.


  • They can be domesticated.
  • They originated in South Africa.
  • They are disease resistant goats.
  • They can go far to search for their food.
  • They are mainly used for meat production.
  • Their lifespan is 8-15 years.
  • Their gestation period is 150 days.
  • Their average milk production per day is 1.5-2.5 liters of milk.
  • Their milk fat content 5-9%.
  • They can breed year-round.
  • They can give birth 3 times every two years.
  • They always produce 2-3 kids each time they give birth.

Pros and Cons


  • They are good for meat production.
  • Their meat is tender.
  • They are excellent foragers.
  • Their kids can grow fast, and the young kids show weight gains of about 1.5 kg per week, sometimes even more.
  • They have good hardiness.
  • Their skin can resist the heat of sunlight.
  • They are disease resistant goats.
  • They require less care and management.
  • They can adapt to different types of climates and environments.
  • They have a high fertility rate and kidding rate.
  • They are good mothers towards their kids.


  • They don’t produce a large amount of milk.
  • They need a lot of food.
  • They need a lot of space in order for them to live.


The Kalahari Red goat is a meat-type goat breed. They are mainly raised for meat production.

Breed Profile Information

Breed NameKalahari Red Goat
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMeat Production
UsesMeat, Milk, and Skin
HeightAdult Bucks and Adult Does Height is around 30 inches
WeightAdult Bucks 250 pounds, Adult Does 165 pounds
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Life Expectancy8-15 years
TemperamentCalm, Gentle, and Good Mothers
Good for Stall FedYes
Milk Production Per Day1.5-2.5 liters/day
Milk Fat Content5-9%
Country/Place of OriginSouth Africa

Final Thoughts

Kalahari Red goats are large-sized goat breeds that are also good for meat production, just like Boer goats. If you are looking at these goats, and you want to buy them, you will have a hard time finding them because these goats are not popular, and they are only new to the country.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How big do Kalahari Red goats get? The Kalahari Red goats can get have a height of 30 inches with a weight of 165-250 pounds.

What is the difference between Boer goat and Kalahari Red? The difference between the Boer goat and Kalahari Red goat is their colors and other characteristics.

What are Kalahari red goats used for? The Kalahari red goats are usually used for meat production because this is where they are good at.

Where can I find Kalahari red goats? You can find them in South Africa.

Featured Image Credit: Karoo Exports

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