What Are Female Turkeys Called? (MUST READ)

what are female turkeys called

Turkey is one of the best animals out there to keep as poultry besides chickens and ducks. They are also easy to raise, just like them. But on this topic, what are the female turkeys called? If you want to know about it. You can read down below.

What are female turkeys called? The female turkeys are called hens. Hens can live up to 10 years in domestication, and in the wild they can live up to 3 years. They can weigh on average between 8-12 pounds, with an average height of 30-35 inches tall, and have a color that is normally a light rusty brown.

Once hens are bred with male turkeys, they usually produce 9-12 eggs in their nest, and she incubates them for 4 weeks so that she can produce baby turkeys called poults.

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What is a Young Female Turkey Called?

The young female turkey is called Jenny. Jennies are the grown-up stage of female poult. They can live alone without their mother’s supervision to stay alive. They can eat what they want, just like fruits, seeds, berries, and insects.

If they become adults now, they are called hens, and can now breed to male turkeys to produce eggs. After they produce eggs, they can incubate them for 4 weeks and create their own poults.

What is a Group of Female Turkeys Called?

There are a lot of terms about describing a group of female turkeys. They are sometimes called rafter, flock or gang. But the most common way to call them is rafter and flock.

Male vs Female Turkey: What’s the Difference

There are a lot of differences between male and female turkeys. The first example is their size. Male turkeys are much bigger than females. Male turkeys can weigh around 11-23 pounds, with an average height of 45 inches tall, while female turkeys only weigh around 8-12 pounds, with an average height of 30-35 inches tall.

The second example of their differences is their appearance. Male turkeys have black beards in the center of their chest that can grow up to 10 inches long or more, while female turkeys don’t have one. Also, their colors are somewhat different from each other. Male turkey colors look dark brown-black, while female turkeys are light rusty brown in color.

Another thing about their appearance is their tail. Male turkeys always show their impressive fan-shaped tail, while female turkeys don’t do it.

My last example of their differences is the calling, Male turkeys can gobble while females don’t gobble, they only yelp and clucks.

Is a Female Turkey Called a Tom?

No, a female turkey is not called a tom. They are called hens. The toms are the male turkeys that have dark brown-black colors, and always showing their impressive fan shaped-tail.

Is a Male Turkey Called a Tom?

Yes, male turkeys are called tom. Sometimes they are also called gobblers. Their average height is usually 45 inches tall, with an average weight of 11-23 pounds. You can identify them with their dark brown-black color, with their long black beards, and their impressive fan shaped-tail.

What is a Young Male Turkey Called?

The young male turkey is called Jake. If there are too many of them, they are called Jakes. Jakes are the juvenile stage of male turkey when a male poult becomes a bit older. But if they grow up again, they now become toms or gobblers, in which they can now able to breed to the hens to produce eggs, to become poults.

Male and Female Turkey Name Ideas

Petting a turkey is not a common thing to do. But if you want to pet them and give them a name. I have some examples of names that I will share with you down below.

Male Turkey Names

  • Bill
  • Tom
  • King
  • Runner
  • George
  • Ryan
  • Buddy
  • Wilson
  • Jimmy
  • Peter

Female Turkey Names

  • Martha
  • Alice
  • Queen
  • Suzie
  • Jasmine
  • Patricia
  • Rachel
  • Trisha
  • Cathy
  • Whitney

Final Thoughts

Female turkeys are called hens. They can produce eggs, they can incubate them, and produce their own poults. So if someone asks you about this topic. You can definitely answer it right now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are female turkeys called gobblers? No, female turkeys are not called gobblers. They are called hens, the ones that are called gobblers are male ones.

What are girl turkeys called? The girl turkeys are called hens. But if they are juveniles or younger ones, they are called jennies.

What are female wild turkeys called? The female wild turkeys are called hens. But if they are juveniles or younger ones, they are called jennies.

What is a momma turkey called? The momma turkeys of the poults are called hens. Hens are the ones that are helping poults to grow to be a big turkey someday. Examples of things that they do to their own poults is helping them find some food, and giving them a warm place between their wings every night or during the day to survive the cold.

What is a mature female turkey called? The mature female turkeys are called hens. But if they are juveniles or younger ones, they are called jennies.

What are male and female wild turkeys called? They have different calls to them. For the male wild turkeys they are called toms or gobblers, while for female wild turkeys they are called hens.

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