What is The Best Electric Fence for Goats? (MUST READ)

electric fence for goats

There are a lot of types of fencing for goats out there. It can be barbed wire fencing, welded wire fencing, wooden fencing, and a lot more. But if you choose the electric fence for your goats to keep them, I recommend these best electric fences for you.

Their names are Starkline electric fence, and Premier Electronet sheep & goat netting fence. These brands of electric fence are good for its high quality. Which makes it last for a long time. So, if you find it interesting, you can check them out.

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How High Should an Electric Fence Be for Goats?

At least 35 to 42 inches tall. This is the most common electric fence to keep the goats out there, but if you prefer a much higher electric fence for them. You can also choose 48 inches.

Can Goats Be Fenced with Electric Fence?

Yes, you can fence them with an electric fence besides fencing them with barbed wire fencing, wooden fencing, panel fencing, and a lot more.

How Many Volts Does a Goat Fence Need?

The minimum volt a goat fence needs is about 5000 volts. In this volt you can ensure that goats cannot escape, and it can provide protection against predators that are likely to attack them, just like stray dogs, coyotes, and wolves.

That’s why you need to make sure that you meet this requirement before installing an electric fence for them.

How Many Strands of Electric Fence for Goats?

The minimum strands the electric fence should have for goats can be 4-5 strands, but the more is the better, to contain them well.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article can help you decide what’s the best electric fence you should buy out there for your own goats. But it’s much better that you pick the high quality ones because it can last a longer time, just like I mentioned above.

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